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Family owned and operated, Portable Adrenaline is a product of wanting to promote the exciting sport of rock climbing to our community while working together as a family.  We are passionate about climbing, we enjoy meeting new people and we love being outside. Give us a call! We would love to meet you!

Meet the Team

Daryl :With more than 20 years of practical climbing experience, his passion for the sport is contagious. He enjoys showing new climbers “the ropes” and he makes sure your event is as exciting as he likes life to be.  His desire to launch a business that incorporated God, family, friends and work in the same thrilling environment is a dream come true with Portable Adrenaline.

Nanda :a business woman by heart working in the engineering world finally finds a solution to her passion. The behind the scenes person for Portable Adrenaline, she balances Portable Adrenaline, her family and home.


Levi :the big guy after all…. Levi brings Daryl and Nanda together to a new life, a new adventure, a new business where family is priority. Energetic, determined, and strong-willed, Levi will be taking over the main operations as soon as he gets certified. He is looking forward to working with you!


Noah :the newest addition to the Lentz Clan- AKA “Chunkernox” Noah keeps the entire crew in stitches, & on their toes! Don’t let those sparkling blue eyes fool you, as the minute you turn your back, he is climbing the bookshelf & ready to jump! He’s the reason we included the Boot Camp Challenge in our arsenal, as we thought that might be the only thing that might tire him out!