Bumper Balls

We have the coolest game in town! Fitness for individuals or a game of full contact will provide fun and excitement for the whole family. A ton of ideas and fun with the balls… create your own game with the balls. Roll, Bump, Play, Run, and Tag!

Six separate air chambers surround a hollow vertical core that provides a very safe and comfortable ride. Legs out, you run… legs in, you roll. That simple!

Check out the video!

click play to see the balls in action

Play soccer

  • Put inside a gym, divide teams and see which team can get the most team members on the other side.
  • Rolling competitions
  • King of the Hill
  • Great cardio workout and fun for all ages

Three sizes to choose from

  • 4ft: fits 3’6″ – 4’6″
  • 5ft: fits 4’6″ – 5’6″
  • 6ft: fits 5’6″ – 6’0″

Rental Rates

  • Minimum rental charge is $500. Mileage charge applies outside the Austin area.
  • $50 per ball per hour – includes one staff member per booking